Monday, 14 November 2011

HD Brows....the brow of the future which imitates the past!

HD Brows have been in magazines and on the foreheads of celebrities since the summer......did you start to notice how over summer and moving in to Autumn a lot of celebrities were suddenly sporting these perfect brows.... I know I did! 

I have always had big dark brows! When i was at school i recall the thinner brow being favoured....the chav brow! Luckily i never succumb to the pressure.I do recall my dad telling me 'never loose those brows!' Boy am i glad i listened to him and have a brow to work with though in the case of HD brows this does not have to be the case! The thinnest sparsest brow can be transformed in to a brow to rival Elizabeth Taylor's bad boys! 

So how does it work? Nilam Patel is the founder of the HD brow,she has been the personal brow shaper to many a Hollywood celebrity.She combines traditional techniques such as threading,plucking and waxing in order to achieve the perfect arch! The brows are they dyed and then filled in using pencil,powder and lightly dusted with mineral powder.

After hearing so many good things about HD brows i decided to see what the fuss was about and waited with bated breath to see the results.....i was not disappointed! 

The Process
Time taken - 40minutes (i have big wirey brows so 
                                               may take less time for others)

My brows were waxed,then threaded and the plucked.

They were then dyed with a brown/black dye to give more definition.

My brows were then trimmed and pencil was applied along with powder to fill in any gaps.

Finally my brows were dusted with mineral powder and voilĂ !!


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